## Overview

This guide walks you through configuring Affirm at checkout in Thinkspace.

## Install and configure Affirm on Thinkspace

1\. Sign into your Thinkspace admin 2\. Navigate to **Settings > Commerce**. 3\. Scroll down the section titled **Payment Processors** 4\. Select **Affirm** under the dropdown labeled Financing. 5\. Select your **Transaction Type**. Authorize and Capture and Authorize Only transactions are supported.


6\. Once you've selected your payment settings, scroll down to the section titled Affirm. 7\. Check **Test Mode** 8\. If you would like Affirm to be available only on orders above a certain cart total, enter that in **Minimum Purchase** (optional) 9\. Enter your [Public and Private API Keys](🔗) 10\. Enter your [Sandbox Public and Private API Keys](🔗) 11\. Click **Save**