## Install Affirm on Miva

Download the latest version of the [Affirm module](🔗) from the Miva app store.

## Install the module

1\. Unzip the Affirm module file. 2\. Sign in to the **Miva Merchant Admin** page. 3\. On the left-side menu, click **Modules**. 4\. Click the large **(+)** button on the right. 5\. Click **Upload** and **Choose File**. 6\. Select `affirm.mvc` from the unzipped module files and click **Upload**. 7\. In the **Add Module** window, click the **+ Add** button. 8\. On the main **Miva Merchant Admin** screen, choose **Payment**. 9\. In the **Payment Settings** window, click the **Add/Remove Modules** tab. 10\. Verify that the **Available Modules** group displays **Affirm module (Buy with Affirm)**. 11\. In the **Affirm module (Buy with Affirm)** window, click **Install**.

To use the Affirm as a payment method, you must use an **OPAY** screen with the Global Head item included and assigned to the checkout page, which is the default setup. The snippet, `mvt:item name="affirm" />`,  is automatically inserted into the Global Head template. To use Affirm banners and promotional messaging, include the Global Head item and assign it to the **BASK**, **PROD** and **SFNT** pages, which is the default setup.

## Configure Affirm

1\. Sign in to your **Miva Merchant** admin page. 2\. Go to **Menu > Payment** and click on the **Buy with Affirm** tab. 3\. In the **Runtime Settings** section, set **Operation Mode** to **Sandbox**. 4\. If your checkout process automatically captures the charge, set **Authorization Mode** to **Auth/Capture**. If you would like to **Manually Capture**, select **Auth Only**. 5\. Verify that **Active** checkbox is checked. 6\. Check **Modal Checkout** if you would like your customers to go through the Affirm loan application flow in a modal while remaining on your site. Leave unchecked for to redirect them to Affirm during the application flow. 7\. See [Step 4 (Enable Affirm Enhanced Analytics)](🔗) for details on the Enhanced Analytics checkbox. 8\. Enter the **Sandbox Public Key** and **Sandbox Private Key** you retrieved from the Affirm sandbox Merchant Portal. 9\. Click **Save Settings**

Saving your settings

Once you have configured your settings, select the "**Save Settings**" button **first**, followed by the "**Update**" button to ensure that your selections have been saved accordingly.