## Install Affirm on Zoey

1\. Go to <https://www.zoey.com/apps/affirm> and click Get App. 2\. Sign in with your Zoey credentials. 3\. Follow the instructions to complete installation.

## Configure Affirm

After installing Affirm, enable Affirm as a payment method by updating these configurations:

1\. Sign in to the Zoey admin page. 2\. Go to **Set-up > Payment > Affirm > Set-up**. 3\. Set **Enabled** to **Yes**. 4\. Keep **Mode** set to **Sandbox** (for development and testing). 5\. Enter the **Public API** Key and **Secret Key** (private key) you retrieved from the Affirm sandbox merchant dashboard. 6\. If your checkout process automatically captures the charge, set **Payment Action** to **Authorize and Capture**. 7\. Enter the dollar amount values for **Minimum Order Total** and **Maximum Order Total** that displays Affirm as a payment option to your customers when checking out (optional). 8\. If you want to change the order of displaying Affirm as a payment option during checkout, enter a **Sort Order** value greater than **0**. 9\. If you want to disable Affirm when a backordered item is in the cart, set **Disable for backordered items** to **Yes**. 10\. If you want to display Affirm as text instead of a logo during checkout, set **Plain Text Appearance** to **Yes**. 11\. If you want to customize the default Affirm logo and subtext, you can add in-line HTML to A**ffirm Payment Method HTML** (requires **Plan Text Appearance** set to **No**). 12\. Set **Enabled Checkout Button** to** Yes** to display the Affirm button on the cart page (you can update the Affirm button URL in the **Checkout Button Code**). 13\. Set **Checkout Flow Type** to **Checkout using Modal** for modal checkout instead of our redirect flow 14\. Keep **checkout uses xhr** set to **Auto Detect**. 15\. Keep **Create orders after Affirm confirmation** set to **Yes** (No creates orders as soon as the user begins the Affirm checkout).