## Install Affirm on Spree

1\. [Download the Spree extension](ūüĒóÔĽŅ). 2\. Add the following line to your Spree Gemfile:


3\. Install the gem with Bundler:


4\. Restart your Spree server.

## Configure Affirm

1\. Sign in to the Spree admin page. 2\. Go to **Configurations > Payment Methods**. 3\. Click **New Payment Method**. 4\. Set **PROVIDER** to **Spree::Gateway::Affirm**.. 5\. Enter **Affirm Monthly Payments** for **NAME**. 6\. Click **Create**. 7\. **Keep SERVER** set to `sandbox.affirm.com` for testing. 8\. Check the **TEST MODE** box for testing. 9\. Enter the **API Key **(public key) and **Secret Key** (private key) you retrieved from the Affirm sandbox merchant dashboard. 10\. If your checkout process automatically captures the charge, set **AUTO CAPTURE** to **Yes**. 11\. Set **ACTIVE** to **Yes** to enable Affirm as a payment method. 12\. Click **Update**.