Affirm will work with Form-code and landers that connect to Konnektive via Direct API. This will NOT work with Order Entry.

## Step 1: Create the Affirm gateway

1/. Go to **Gateways** > **Gateway Integrations** and select the **Affirm** button. 2/. Click **+Activate**. 3/. Enter the following information specific to Affirm:

  • public_api_key - Obtained from Affirm

  • private_api_key - Obtained from Affirm 4/. Click the green **Create Gateway** button to save your changes and create the gateway.

## Step 2: Assign the gateway

Assign the gateway to _campaign products_.

## Step 3: Set up the checkout page

A checkout page should be secured with HTTPS. A non-secured call to the Affirm gateway will be rejected.

Pass `paySource=PREPAID and prepaidType=AFFIRM` on the import order API call from your checkout page. Do not pass any other card information.

You can also use hidden input fiends on the page:

Alternatively, you can pass in the `forceMerchantId parameter` in the [order import](🔗) API call. Note that this will only work for one time sales, it will not work with recurring transactions. See below for the `forceMerchantId` parameter description. For more information, refer to [Konnective's API documentation](🔗).

`forceMerchantId`IntegerThe merchantId from Konnektive CRM. Transactions will run against the specified merchant.

The Konnective integration with Affirm supports our Authorization system; however, you must enable the **Capture On Shipment** in **Campaign Shipping Settings** for this function to work. Once you mark the fulfillment records in a shipped status, the **Capture** action will initiate.

In Konnective's [order import API Call](🔗), pass in the `Transaction ID` from the `Authorization` on Affirm’s end using the `preAuthMerchantTxnId` parameter.

## Step 4: Finalize integration


If you don't follow the steps below, you'll receive invalid request responses when attempting a sale.

To complete the integration, you'll need to supply two required values to Konnektive:

1/. Go to **CRM > Products** to import images onto your products in the **Base Product** list. This allows Konnective to supply the `item_image_url` to Affirm, which is required. 2/. Pass in the `errorRedirectsTo` parameter on each Affirm Import Order call. This allows Konnektive to supply the `item_url` to Affirm, which is required.