🗞 September Announcement

📅 Date: September 2023


🗞 July Announcement

Introducing the AI Assistant Beta Testing

Promotional Messaging Customization with Affirm

In the bustling business world of today, the quest to offer your customers something that feels unique and personally tailored to them is really heating up. That's where Affirm steps in. With our top-notch customization features, we're here to help give your customers an experience that feels like it's been tailor-made just for them.


🗞 June Announcement

👋 Hey developers!


Affirm's Integration Types

Affirm offers 5 integration methods, all of which cater to a wide range of platforms and environments. In this article, we will explore each integration type to help you understand how Affirm can seamlessly enhance your customers’ payment experience.


🗞 May Announcement

The team has been hard at work this month- updating existing guides, adding new ones, and launching our user web survey in the Affirm docs! 🎉

How To Use Webhooks With Affirm

Become a pro at creating webhooks by reading our step-by-step guide and learn how tools such as JSFiddle and Pipedream can help your skills reach the next level.


🗞 April Announcement

After a lengthy hiatus, the Affirm Changelog is back in action! As a quick reintroduction, here are some milestone events that have occurred since our last post:


Affirm + Stripe