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Affirm Merchant Help

Checkout Flows

When a customer checks out using Affirm financing, the process is very simple. If any additional information is needed, one of these flows may be seen:

Otherwise, the standard checkout flow is as follows:

Step 1: Input information

To avoid difficulty checking out, please ensure the information belongs to the same customer and that information is not mixed and matched.

Affirm Application Page

Step 2: Input PIN

Affirm texts a PIN to the mobile number that the customer provided.

Affirm Enter PIN Application Page

Step 3: Choose terms

Affirm Application Approval Page

Step 4: Enable Autopay (optional)

A customer may enable autopay as soon as they choose their terms.

Step 5: Rerouting to merchant

The customer is redirected to the merchant's site, where they see a confirmation number verifying their transaction. The customer concurrently receives an email confirmation and SMS text message from Affirm.

Affirm Application Thank you Page