## Overview

Browsing events represent customer interactions while browsing your eCommerce site.

## trackProductsSearched ([Product](🔗))

The `trackProductsSearched`(Product) call is triggered when a customer searches for products. 

#### Parameters

ParameterData typeDescription
`query` <span style="color:red">required</span>_string_The query string used to search for products.

#### Example

## trackProductListViewed ([list](🔗), [\[Product\]](🔗))

The `trackProductListViewed` (list, [Product]) is triggered when a customer views a list of products, such as after completing a search, or on a category page that features multiple products.

#### Parameters

ParameterData typeDescription
[`list`](🔗)_object_The list viewed by customers.
[`Product`](🔗)_array_An array of products present in the list.

#### Example

## Objects

### List

Represents a list of products appearing on any given page. This is frequently used to track products returned as a search result or included on a category page.

ParameterData typeDescription
**listId** <span style="color:red">required</span>_string_ **Maximum length**: 500 **Protocol parameter**: `ltid`A unique identifier representing the list of products.
**category** _optional__string_ **Maximum length**: 500 **Protocol parameter**: `ltc`A description of the category the list belongs to, if any.
**name** _optional__string_ **Maximum length**: 500 **Protocol parameter**: `ltnm`The display name of the list.

### Product

Represents any offered product or service.

ParameterData typeDescription
**brand** _optional__string_ **Maximum length**: 500 **Protocol parameter**: `prbr`The brand of the product (e.g., Affirm).
**category** _optional__string_ **Maximum length**: 500 **Protocol parameter**: `prca`The category the product belongs to (e.g., Apparel).
**coupon** _optional__string_ **Maximum length**: 500 **Protocol parameter**: `prcc`Any coupon code associated with the particular instance of this product.
**name** _optional__string_ **Maximum length**: 500 **Protocol parameter**: `osn`The full name of the product (e.g., Affirm T-Shirt).
**price** _optional__integer_ **Protocol parameter**: `prpr`The price of the product. The value must be non-negative and represented as cents instead of dollars.
**productID ** _optional__string_ **Maximum length**: 500 **Protocol parameter**: `prid`A unique identifier representing the product, such as the SKU or an internal database identifier used by the merchant.
**quantity** _optional__integer_ **Protocol parameter**: `prqt`The quantity of the product. The value must be non-negative.
**variant** _optional__string_ **Maximum length**: 500 **Protocol parameter**: `prva`The variant of the product (e.g., black).
**currency** _optional__string_ **Protocol parameter**: `prcu`[currency code](🔗) associated with this product (USD).