Integrating Affirm into your app or website can begin as soon as you create an Affirm account, requiring only three steps:

  1. [Retrieve your API keys](🔗) so Affirm can authenticate your integration's API requests.

  2. [Install a client](🔗) so your integration can interact with the Affirm API.

  3. [Make a test API request](🔗) to confirm everything is up and running.

Not a developer?

Use a [prebuilt solution](🔗) created by one of our partners. Little to no code required.

## Step 1: Retrieve your API keys

Your API keys are available from your [dashboard](🔗). Make sure to include the appropriate key when making an API request or Affirm will return an error.

Every account is provided with two pairs of keys per environment: **one for sandbox** and **one for running production transactions**. All API requests exist in either a sandbox or production environment, and objects in one environment cannot be manipulated by objects in the other.

## Step 2: Install a client

We provide different client and integration mechanisms for web and mobile to support Affirm as a payment option in your application. This will create your checkout experience.

  • [Web](🔗)

  • [iOS](🔗)

  • [Android](🔗)

## Step 3: Make a test API request

Once a customer confirms their checkout (e.g., their loan), you need to complete the purchase on Affirm Rails. This can be achieved by making a server-side API request to our [transaction endpoint](🔗).