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Affirm Merchant Help

Virtual Card BIN range update


Notice type

Feature update

Products affected

Affirm Virtual Card

Action required


Change effective date



What’s being deprecated?

Our old BIN number is being deprecated due to lack of free numbers in that range. Our card provider is issuing a new BIN range to Affirm Virtual Cards.

What’s the new BIN range?

The new BIN range (effective at some point between 7/9/18 and 7/11/18) is: 5391 8640 7

\What does this affect?

If you are currently flagging Affirm transactions or reconciling Affirm fees by BIN range, you will need to update that BIN range on the cutover date.

What’s required of me?

If you’re using the current BIN range to flag/identify current and future Affirm transactions, it will need to be updated as of 7/9.

What if the update isn’t completed in time?

Your reconciliation tasks or accounting processes may not be able to identify Affirm transactions based on BIN range.

What was the old BIN range?

The old BIN range was: 5391 8600 8