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Affirm Merchant Help

Virtual Terminal Status Definitions

  • Unsent – Checkout was created but has not been sent to the customer.
  • Sent – Checkout was sent, but has not been opened by the customer.
    • The checkout link expires after 7 days. If the customer has not opened their loan within 7 days, it will be updated to ‘Expired’ status.
  • Opened – Affirm checkout link was opened by the customer but the application was not started.
  • Closed – The Affirm application was closed.
    • This may occur when the customer did not complete the application, the customer did not confirm the loan terms, or the application was not approved by Affirm.
  • Expired – The checkout link was not authorized within 7 days.
  • Authorized – Affirm has authorized the charge, but it has not been captured by the merchant.
    • If the order is not captured within 30 days of authorization, the authorization expires.
  • Voided – The order has been canceled and the charge has been voided.
    • An expired authorization also shows as voided.
  • Captured – The order has been processed and shipped, and the charge has been captured.
    • Payment is submitted to the merchant 2–3 business days after the charge is captured.
    • The customer's loan begins accruing interest daily when the charge is captured.
  • Refunded – The merchant has issued a full refund on the charge.
    • It's not possible to reverse a refund or add to the balance of a charge.
  • Partially Refunded – The merchant has issued a partial refund on the charge.
    • The partial amount will be deducted from the final month(s) of the loan.
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