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Virtual Terminal FAQ

These frequently asked questions are a quick reference for merchant sales teams when using Affirm’s Virtual Terminal and working with customers. For all other questions you may reference Affirm’s consumer FAQ:

How can I estimate the Affirm monthly payment for my customer?

  • ​Our approved "as low as" marketing messaging reads as follows: "$X/mo based on the purchase price of $Y at Z% APR for 12 months".
  • The Truth in Lending Act requires that proper loan terms are disclosed when marketing to customers so it's important to call out the monthly price (X), the purchase price (Y), the predicted APR rate (Z), and the monthly term used for the calculation. 
  • To estimate the monthly price (X), your sales team can use this calculator:

How do I process payment using Affirm and my order management system?

  • Since no technical integration is required, you may originate the order in your existing order management system and then use the Virtual Terminal to process payment separately.
  • Once the Affirm charge is captured you may mark ‘Paid with Affirm’ in your order management system and note the Affirm Loan ID.
  • See Processing Steps for more details. 

What’s the status of my customer’s Virtual Terminal charge?

  • You may view the status of your charge in the Virtual Terminal charges table.
  • See the status definitions for more detailed information.

What action should I take if the checkout is in ‘Opened’ or ‘Closed’ status?

  • Opened – Affirm checkout link was opened by the customer but the application was not started.
    • You may follow up with your customer to see if they have any questions about Affirm.
  • Closed – Affirm application was closed by the customer.
    • You may follow up with your customer and offer an alternative form of payment.
  • See Checkout Status script for more details. 

When does my customer’s Virtual Terminal checkout link expire?

  • The checkout link expires after 7 days, when the status will change to ‘Expired’.

What are the possible application exceptions?

  • Affirm sometimes requires additional information to consider a credit application.
  • Additional information may include a bank checking account, proof of a government-issued ID, or income verification.
    • The sales scripts provide details and screenshots to explain common exceptions. 

What happens if my customer does not get approved?

  • If the loan application is not approved, the checkout status will remain ‘Closed’ until the checkout link expires in 7 days.
  • Affirm will immediately notify your customer of the decision with details via a secure message.
  • The sales scripts provide details and screenshots to explain how to handle declines. 

What information will I receive if my customer does not get approved?

  • Your customer’s privacy is safe with Affirm. The specific declination status of each applicant will not be shared with you (the merchant). However, merchants will be able to view when an Affirm application is closed by a customer, which may occur when the customer did not complete the application, the customer did not confirm the loan terms, or the application was not approved by Affirm.  

What can I do if my customer gets declined?

  • Offer professional condolences if a customer informs you that he/she did not get approved.
  • You may offer an alternative form of payment.

Can I contact Affirm to override the credit decision?

  • No. Our credit decisions are final.

Can I send the application to myself to complete the Affirm application on behalf of my customer?

  • No. Completing an application on a customer’s behalf violates consumer finance laws and regulations. Doing this could result in termination of the merchant’s relationship with Affirm.

How do I receive payment?

  • Log in to the Virtual Terminal to ‘Capture’ the authorized charge.

When do I get paid?

  • Payment will be settled with your bank within 2–3 business days of your capture date.

How many days do I have to capture an authorized charge?

  • Affirm provides a 30-day authorization period to capture your charge.

How do I process a refund?

  • Log in to the Affirm Merchant Dashboard to access the charge and ‘Refund’ the captured charge.
  • You may process a partial refund or full refund.

What happens when I issue a partial refund?

  • The amount of the refund will be deducted from the merchant’s next settlement.
  • The partial amount will be deducted from the final month(s) of the loan.

How many days do I have to process a refund?

  • 120 days from the capture date.
  • Affirm is unable to process a refund 120 days after the capture date.

Is it possible to undo a refund?

  • No. If you need to add funds back to the balance of the loan, you will need to create a new Virtual Terminal checkout.
  • NOTE: It’s possible the customer will not get approved the second time.

Does Affirm have an API for a direct integration with my order management system?

Does Affirm have a Virtual Terminal integration for Salesforce?

Who do I contact for Virtual Terminal questions?

Does Affirm offer direct phone support for urgent Virtual Terminal questions?

  • No. Email is the primary support channel for Affirm merchant services.

Where should I direct customer questions about Affirm?

  • The best way for your customer to contact Affirm is via email at