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Merchant Help


Affirm Merchant Help

Accessing the Dashboard

Before you can view the Affirm Merchant Dashboard, your email address must be granted access, and that email address must be associated with a Google account.

  1. Have your email address added to the Merchant Dashboard
  2. Make sure your email address is linked to a Google account
  3. Log into the dashboard

Add email address

The admin on your account can send a request to with email addresses that need access, or that admin can add you to the Merchant Dashboard themselves. If you do not know who the admin is our merchant help team can tell you who is the designated contact on your account. An Affirm team member will notify you when the request has been approved, generally within 1 business day.

Link to Google

Please note that even if an email address is approved it must be linked to a Google account. Affirm uses security technology supported by Google to provide secure access to the merchant dashboard. If your email address is not already a gmail or Google Apps work domain address, simply link your account to a Google account by going to

Log in to Dashboard

If you are accessing the dashboard for normal daily use, go to You will be prompted to enter your approved email address and the password to the Google account it is associated with.

If your email does not meet these two criteria, an email address that has been approved by Affirm and linked to a Google account, you will get the following error message:

Please check that both criteria have been met for you email address and that you are logging in at If you continue to receive this error, please contact merchant help.

If you are successful, you will see the Affirm Dashboard!


Email aliases

If you're using Google at work (Gmail for work email), and you have several aliases (e.g., '' instead of ''), then you may not be able to access the Affirm Merchant Dashboard using one of those aliases. Rather, you should use your main email address (' to log in, and make sure that the main email address has also been granted access to the dashboard.

Sandbox vs. Live

Affirm offers merchants a Sandbox environment where development against the Affirm API can be accomplished without creating real loans and referencing Affirm's Live servers. If you are currently creating charges in the Sandbox environment and are wanting to view those Sandbox charges, you will need to access the Sandbox Merchant Dashboard:

Integrating Merchants

If you are having trouble logging into the dashboard after you have been granted access, it may be because the merchant account has not yet gone live and is still in the integration phase. You can verify this by logging into If you can login here, but not also called the production environment, then your account is not yet live. You can contact for more information.

The production environment does not get enabled until your account is ready to go live with Affirm.If you are using the sandbox environment and it is connected to the live site for testing, please ensure that orders do not get processed in the site’s online order management system.