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Merchant Help


Affirm Merchant Help

Accessing the Dashboard

Getting access

  1. Access can be granted either by your:
    1. Affirm contact (typically your Client Success Manager).
    2. Company admin (via the Settings page of the Merchant Dashboard).
      Note: Your Affirm contact will need to grant initial access to your company’s admin.
  2. You’ll receive an email with a link to the Create Account page. Click Access Dashboard and you'll be redirected to the Affirm Dashboard account creation page.
  3. Create your account using one of the following methods:

    Note: If your organization requires two-factor authentication, you’ll need to sign in with Google. If you don’t have a Google account, simply link your work email account to Google here:

    • Google

      If you use Gmail for work or you create a Google account with your existing work email address. This is the most secure method.
      1. Click Sign in with Google

      2.  Select your work Google account.

    • Email & Password

      1. Enter your work email address, and a password that is at least 8 characters long. Confirm your password.

      2. Click Create account.

Signing In

  1. You can sign in to the Affirm dashboard here:
  2. Depending on your method of signing in, either
    • Click Sign in with Google.
    • Enter your work email address and password.


If you forget your password, click Forgot password? and complete the password recovery flow.


Not granted access yet

If your email address hasn’t been granted access, you won’t be able to create an account or sign in. (You’ll receive an error indicating that the email address isn’t recognized.) You’ll need to reach out to your Affirm contact or to your company's admin for access.


If you try to sign in with Google and your email address has not been granted access, you will see the following error. Please contact your administrator or email to get access.

Email aliases

If you're using Google at work (Gmail for work email), and you have several aliases (e.g., '' instead of ''), then you may not be able to access the Affirm Merchant Dashboard using one of those aliases. Rather, you should use your main email address (' to log in, and make sure that the main email address has also been granted access to the dashboard.

Sandbox vs. Live

Affirm offers merchants a Sandbox environment where development against the Affirm API can be accomplished without creating real loans and referencing Affirm's Live servers. If you are currently creating charges in the Sandbox environment and are wanting to view those Sandbox charges, you will need to access the Sandbox Merchant Dashboard:

Integrating Merchants

If you are having trouble logging into the dashboard after you have been granted access, it may be because the merchant account has not yet gone live and is still in the integration phase. You can verify this by logging into If you can login here, but not also called the production environment, then your account is not yet live. You can contact for more information.

The production environment does not get enabled until your account is ready to go live with Affirm.If you are using the sandbox environment and it is connected to the live site for testing, please ensure that orders do not get processed in the site’s online order management system.