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Affirm Merchant Help


Returns are subject to the merchant's return policy. User's are asked to contact the merchant if you would like to return their purchase(s). Affirm will only issue a refund if the merchant receives the user's returned items and processes the refund within 365 days from the date of purchase. Affirm will credit any payments the user has made on the loan, up to the amount of the refund, to the original form of payment within 3 to 10 business days of the refund. 

When a user would like to have a loan refunded, simply log into the dashboard at Here you will be able to find the order based on the user's name, email address, or 8 digit loan confirmation number associated with the user's loan. 

If you select "Refund" without entering a specified amount, then the entire loan will be refunded to the user. If you enter an amount in the box next to the refund button, then a partial refund will be refund back to the user.

The partial refund will first be credited to the last monthly bill associated with the user's loan. If the refund amount is greater than the last monthly bill amount, the remainder of the refund will be applied to the preceding month. All other payment amounts will not change from the original terms.

NOTE: The refund will be less any interest paid on the loan. 

If a merchant issues a full refund after any payments have been submitted, Affirm will only refund the paid principal. Any paid interest will not be refunded because the user still owes the interest that accrued during the time the money was borrowed.

Affirm loans have a 120 day window where a refund can be issued. After 365 days, the user will be required to pay off the reminder of the Affirm loan. Merchants that wish to honor the refund for the customer will need to settle with the customer directly.