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Identity Verification

On some applications, Affirm may need some more information about a user before a loan application can reach a decision. If we are unable to verify a user's identity based on the information provided, they may be prompted to provide additional personal information. They may be asked for any of following information to ensure we have the right eligibility and identity information to reach a decision on a users application.
  • Home address
    • Users must use a residential address as a PO Box is not accepted.
  • Full social security number
  • To check their inbox for an email verification link
    • Users will be able to edit their email address if prompted for this
  • To answer an identity verification question
  • A photo of their face and U.S. government issued photo ID
    • If on desktop they will need to upload the photo from their library
    • If on mobile they may be guided through a photo identification workflow
    • ID options include driver's license, passport, resident permit, visa and national, consular and electoral IDs. The ID must be valid and cannot be expired.
    • Users will be given three attempts to provide a good photo.
      • This process will take around 5 minutes to process.
      • If the user closes their browser in this time, account creation will be canceled.
  • Income verification
  • Link their checking account
    • Affirm sometimes needs more information about a users financial situation to evaluate your loan application. We may ask the user to link their online checking account, which helps us determine their ability to repay a loan. If they are prompted to link their checking account and would like to continue with the application process, they may link their account by providing the login information for their online bank account. Affirm does not store online banking login information - we simply pass the login credentials to their bank via a secure service linking their checking account.
    • Users will need to use another form of payment to complete your purchase if:
      • They don’t use online banking
      • Their bank is not listed
      • We ask for login information that does not match what their bank asks for
      • They do not successfully link your checking account
      • They don’t have an active checking account associated to the login they used
    • If a user is unable to complete this step for any of the reasons above or if the user decides not to do it, Affirm will not be able to process the loan application.

Linking a checking account DOES NOT authorize Affirm to debit the account. It only allows us to determine their ability to pay.

Protecting user personal information is very important to us. We encrypt all sensitive data including social security numbers. We also maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect user information. We do not sell or rent information to anyone. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.