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Affirm In-store Virtual Card

Affirm’s In-store Virtual Card enables your sales associates to provide real-time financing to qualified customers without the need for a technical integration to your point of sale system.

  1. Customer sees in-store signage that merchant has partnered with Affirm to provide the customer with a one-time use virtual card
  2. Customer uses their smartphone to access the merchant-specific link on mobile web.  Here they will be directed to an Affirm hosted page where they are able to enter the amount they would like to apply for and get a real-time credit decision
  3. One-time use virtual card is rendered on the customer’s smartphone
  4. Customer shops as usual and presents the virtual card at checkout
  5. Sales associate keys in 16-digit virtual card number as a card not present transaction 

Processing Steps

  1. Sales associate processes the customer’s 16-digit virtual card number as a card not present transaction
  2. Transaction is processed as a MasterCard transaction
  3. Customer pays off their loan with Affirm