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Affirm Merchant Help

Prequalification Overview

What is Affirm Prequalification? 

Prequalification is a new feature that allows your customers to discover how much they qualify to spend with Affirm on your site early in their shopping process.  This simple tool lets your customers shop with confidence. Shoppers who leveraged Prequalification during the feature Beta program spent an average of up to 30% more per transaction - on top of the existing Affirm AOV lift.

How does Prequalification work? 

Add the Affirm Prequalification text or button (e.g., 'Pre-qualify now',  'See if you qualify') anywhere on your site where Affirm is mentioned, such as the PDP, category page, financing page, or homepage. When a customer clicks on the Prequalifcation text or button, a modal describes Affirm’s simple monthly payment programs.  From there, the customer completes a simple application using top-of-mind information that lets them know in real-time how much they qualify to spend with Affirm on your site. Once they complete the application and see the amount they've prequalified for, they will continue shopping on your site as usual. When they select Affirm at checkout, their Prequalification decision will be applied automatically.

Is Prequalification easy to integrate? 

Yes, Prequalification is easy to integrate; about an hour of developer time. First, make sure Affirm.js is embedded on your page, using our standard embed code here. Then, simply add two lines of Javascript to your page to set the Prequalification configuration. Finally, add the HTML placeholder element to your page template, and the Affirm Prequalification promo will render in that location at page load.

See the prequalification flow here.

User Flow 

  1. Prequalification is embedded on the page.
  2. User clicks Prequalification link or button
  3. Informational modal is displayed, with a 'Continue' button.
  4. User clicks 'Continue', then creates an account or logs in.
  5. Income verification (for the first time at a particular merchant).
  6. User sees amount they've prequalified for.
  7. User receives email and SMS.
  8. User goes through your normal checkout flow, chooses Affirm, and completes the application.
    • The prequalification only applies to the user's next checkout attempt at your store.
    • If a user decides to cancel the transaction, they will need to get prequalified again.


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