Add Affirm promotional messaging

Bring awareness to Affirm's flexible payment options at every phase in the shopping journey—increasing conversion and average order value for your business.

Configure Affirm promotional messaging

To add Affirm banner images to various pages on your site:

1. In the Zoey admin panel, go to System > Configuration > Affirm Promos.
2. Set Enabled to Yes.
3. For each page where you want a banner displayed, set Display to Yes and Promo Size and Promo Position to the values of your choice.

Add "As Low As" functionality

1. In the Zoey admin panel, go to Set-up > Payment > Affirm Promos > Set-up.
2. In the As Low As Functionality settings, set the following to Yes to display messaging on those pages:

  • Enable for Product PDP (product pages)
  • Enable For Category PLP (category pages)
  • Enable for Shopping Cart (cart page)

3. Enter an MPP min amount value to set the minimum threshold dollar amount that will display monthly payment messaging (e.g., setting the MPP min amount to 100 will only display monthly payment messaging for purchases above $100).
4. You can optionally enter a Promo ID value in Data Promo ID (contact the Affirm Client Success team for more information about Promo ID's).

Use Multiple Financing Programs

Multiple Financing Programs (MFPs) allow you to offer custom financing programs to your customers based on rules you define. To learn more about MFPs and how to set them up in Zoey, contact your engagement manager.

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