Configure Affirm

This guide walks you through configuring Affirm at checkout in Web Shop Manager.

Configure Affirm

To use Affirm with Web Shop Manager, contact your Web Shop Manager account manager to enable it for you.

1. Sign in to your Web Shop Manager admin portal
2. Go to System > Configuration > Payment & Processing > Payment Method > Affirm
3. Enter the Affirm Public Key and Affirm Private Key (private key) you retrieved from the sandbox merchant dashboard
4. Enter the dollar amount values for Minimum Price that displays Affirm as a payment option to your customers when checking out (optional)
5. Check the Affirm Messaging checkbox and enter a data-promo-id value (default value is promo_set_default_fp)

  • Shopping Cart Messaging - Displays Affirm promotional messaging on the cart page
  • Product Messaging - Displays Affirm promotional messaging on the product pages
  • Category Messaging - Displays Affirm promotional messaging on the category pages

6. Modify Affirm Promotional Messaging Customization to customize the promotional messaging on the cart, product, and category pages:

  • Message Type (logo or text) Display
  • Affirm Logo Color (blue or black)
  • Enable Learn More Popup link

7. Coordinate with Web Shop Manager to add the following affirm_header Smarty widget tag into the head of the site templates:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!--[if lt IE 7]> <html class="no-js lt-ie9 lt-ie8 lt-ie7" lang="en">
<!--[if IE 7]> <html class="no-js lt-ie9 lt-ie8" lang="en">
<!--[if IE 8]> <html class="no-js lt-ie9" lang="en"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if gt IE 8]><!--> <html class="no-js" lang="en"> <!--<![endif]-->
{{ affirm_header }}

If you're using Cloudflare's CDN, Web Shop Manager will need to purge the cache after you finish configuring Affirm.