Add Affirm promotional messaging

Bring awareness to Affirm's flexible payment options at every phase in the shopping journey—increasing conversion and average order value for your business.

Configure Affirm promotional messaging


Supported Themes and Versions

Note that the Affirm visual element is available only on the following themes and minimum versions. You will need to update your theme to at least the below version to complete the below steps.

Elements - 2.07
Native - 1.07
Hero - 1.09
Jewel - 1.06
Lifty - 1.07
Naturval VB - 1.06

  1. Sign into your Ultracart dashboard.
  2. Click on Storefront and select the Storefront you would like to enable Affirm messaging on. Click on the Browse your Store.

  1. Navigate to any product page.
  2. On the top nav bar, click Edit.
  3. Hover over the price element. (In the below example, ROW-PRICE-REVIEW) and click the + icon.

  1. Click on Width of 1.

  1. Rename this element to ROW-AFFIRM. (Optional)

  1. Click the ADD NEW ELEMENT button on the row you just added.

  1. Type Affirm into the search box and click AFFIRM PAYMENT PLAN.

  1. Click Save.

  2. Optional: To update messaging to use text or symbol or change the color of the messaging:
    a. Select the settings symbol on the AFFIRMPAYMENTPLAN element
    b. Adjust the AFFIRM LOGO TYPE setting (note: leave blank to retain the default Affirm logo)
    c. Adjust the AFFIRM LOGO COLOR setting (note: leave blank to retain the default Affirm indigo color)
    d. Click SAVE