Configure Affirm

Learn how to add Affirm as a payment to Bolt Checkout

Before you begin

Before configuring Affirm, you’ll need to do the following:

1. Install Bolt Checkout:

2. Contact Bolt support to enable Affirm settings for your Bolt account.


If you don’t enable Affirm with Bolt support, the Affirm settings option won’t display in your Bolt dashboard.

Configure Affirm

1. Log in to Bolt’s Merchant Dashboard and go to Settings > Checkout > Alternative Payment Settings.
2. Click Edit next to Affirm settings.
3. Enter your Public key and Private key. You can retrieve your keys from the Affirm merchant dashboard.
4. Enter dollar amounts for Min amount and Max amount. This determines the minimum and maximum cart thresholds for Affirm to display as a payment option at checkout.
5. Optional: Click the Show promotion message checkbox to display Affirm’s promotional messaging (As low as $11/mo, Starting at $11/mo) at checkout.
6. Click the Activate Affirm checkbox.
7. Click Update.