Best practices

Learn about best practices to get the most of your Affirm integration with Bolt.

After adding Affirm to Bolt checkout and testing your integration, you should have a good understanding of the user flow and the benefit of offering our additional payment options. We've put together some best practices that can help you best utilize Affirm.

Simplify the checkout experience

We strongly recommend disabling your default e-commerce checkout and using the standard Bolt checkout button. Having multiple checkout buttons can be confusing for your shoppers and complicate the checkout process.

Add promotional messaging to checkout

Including Affirm's promotional messaging (ex: As Low as $X per month) throughout the shopping experience brings awareness to our alternative payment options and will positively influence your shoppers’ purchase intent. We recommend adding messaging at the Product Page, Cart and Checkout.

You can implement our promotional messaging directly with our JavaScript library, affirm.js, as well as through the platforms that Bolt supports below: