AttributeDate typeDescription
feeintegerThe portion of the captured amount that represents the merchant fee.
createdstringThe timestamp for this event.
order_idstringThe order_id in your order management system.
currencystringThree-letter ISO currency code, in uppercase.

Possible values:
amountintegerThe amount captured, including any fees. A positive integer representing how much, in USD or CAD cents, is captured (e.g., 100 cents to charge $1.00).
typestringWill always be "capture".
idstringThe 'id' for this API event.
transaction_idstringThe id for the charge transaction.
merchant_transaction_idstringYour internal transaction reference number; it may be different for each auth, capture, void, refund request for a single order.

It will be returned in the API response

Charge details view in Affirm dashboard will display the associated merchant_transaction_id

* Settlement report will include merchant_transaction_id column with any associated charge actions (Capture, Refunds)
    "fee": 600,
    "created": "2016-03-18T00:03:44Z",
    "order_id": "JKLM4321",
    "currency": "USD",
    "amount": 6100,
    "type": "capture",
    "id": "O5DZHKL942503649",
    "transaction_id": "6dH0LrrgUaMD7Llc"