Zero-percent financing assets


Compliance guides

We recommend reviewing our Marketing Compliance Guide for Installments for your pay over time financing option before implementing the following assets:

Using the banners

Use these banners when:

  • You're offering installment payment options.
  • You have a live financing program that includes 0% APR.
  • The banner does not click through to a landing page with Affirm disclosures.

Email banners


Always on ALA (desktop)

Promotional (desktop)

Installments templates

We organized the content for each template to make them quick and easy to use. Download the images and PDF guide for the applicable template below and copy and paste the text into your email or landing page.

Launch and Lifecycle email templates



Download the PDF and copy and paste the text into your launch or lifecycle email.

Landing page templates

Download the 0% APR Landing page template and simply copy and paste the text into your landing page.

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