Sales scripts

Merchant sales teams may reference this guide to describe Affirm to customers and answer common questions.

Pitching Affirm

  • We've partnered with Affirm to offer qualified applicants a way to pay for purchases in low monthly payments.
  • Using Affirm you can pay for your purchase in easy, fixed monthly payments (with standard terms of 3, 6, or 12 months) with rates ranging 10--30% APR. For purchases under $50, Affirm offers a 1-month deferred payment at 0% APR.
  • Affirm's online signup process is very simple, your information is secure, and there is no hard credit inquiry.
  • If you'd like to pay with Affirm, I'll send you a link to fill out your information on your computer or smartphone.
  • Once you finish providing your information, you'll get an instant credit decision from Affirm.
  • More information can be obtained at

Handling Declines

  • If you're not approved, Affirm will immediately notify you of the decision in the checkout flow and via a secure message.
  • Your privacy is safe with Affirm and we (the merchant) will not be notified with the details of your credit decision.
  • Please refer to the secure message that you received from Affirm for more information about the decision.
  • If you were not approved, you may still provide an alternative form of payment.​

Down Payments

  • In some cases Affirm will require a down payment.
  • When this happens, Affirm will provide you with the option to make a down payment with your debit card in the checkout flow.
  • Your remaining balance may be paid for with Affirm.

Enable AutoPay

  • On the final screen of your Affirm checkout you will see the option to enable AutoPay.
  • AutoPay is the easiest way to pay, and it will help you build positive history with Affirm through on-time payments.
  • Affirm will automatically debit your monthly payment amount from your payment method on each due date.

Bank Account Verification

Affirm will sometimes require customers to connect an active checking account as part of their credit application. The script below is designed to provide more detail about this step in the application flow and help you build trust with your customers about the Affirm payment option.​

Affirm Choose BankAffirm Choose Bank

Account verification
Provide overview Affirm requires your checking account information to consider your request for credit.

Affirm will prompt you for your bank name, username, and password to connect your checking account.
Build trust Using modern technologies, Affirm will securely connect your checking account.”

Affirm will be granted read-only access to your bank account information. Affirm will NOT be able to withdraw funds or make any changes to your bank account.
How it works Affirm looks at the name on the checking

This information will help Affirm evaluate your ability to repay the requested credit.
Opt-out option If you do not connect your account when prompted, Affirm cannot fully evaluate your application and your request for credit will be declined.

If you have any other concerns or questions you may contact the Affirm Customer Support at [email protected].

Checkout Status

Merchant sales teams may reference this status matrix to answer customer's questions about the status of their Affirm checkout, and take action (as needed). It may be useful for sales reps to bookmark this site or print this guide.

StatusActionScripted response
Unsent: Checkout was created but has not been sent to the customer.Select the delivery method (email and/or SMS text) in the checkout details and send your customer the link.Your order information has been entered in our system, but I still need to send you a link to the Affirm checkout.
Sent: Checkout was sent, but has not been opened by the customer.Educate the customer that they should open the email (or SMS text) from Affirm and proceed with the online application. I’ve sent you a link that allows you to checkout with Affirm.
Please check your email inbox (or mobile phone for a text message) for the link.
* You must complete the Affirm application within 7 days of receiving the link. After 7 days, the checkout link will expire.
Opened Affirm checkout link was opened by the customer but the application was not started. Follow up with your customer to answer any questions they may have about the process, Affirm, or their order. When answering questions about Affirm, you must follow the scripting provided to you by Affirm.
If they have any questions you cannot answer about Affirm or individual troubleshooting is needed, please redirect them to Affirm Customer Support at [email protected].
Our records show that you received the link to access the Affirm checkout.
Are there any questions I can answer to help you move forward in the process?”
Closed: The Affirm application was closed.

NOTE: This may occur when the customer did not complete the application, the customer did not confirm the loan terms, or the application was not approved by Affirm.
Follow up with your customer to offer an alternative form of payment. I see that your purchase was not financed by Affirm.
Would you like to use an alternative form of payment to complete your purchase?
Expired: The checkout link was not authorized within 7 days.Follow up with your customer to offer an alternative form of payment. I see that your Affirm application expired.
Would you like to use an alternative form of payment to complete your purchase?

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