Getting started with Affirm

Get familiar with the key points when getting started with Affirm.


This article is meant to give you and your team an overview of key points for getting started with Affirm. There are 3 main sections - each section is more relevant to either your Marketing Team, Operations, or Compliance Team. Affirm Basics is meant to be general knowledge for anybody interacting with Affirm.

To kickstart your integration with Affirm, checkout our development quickstart.

Merchant daily operations

Follow links for more details for managing your daily operations with Affirm:

Affirm Merchant DashboardThe dashboard allows you to process transactions, view and schedule settlement details.
Transactional Processing
Refund / Partial Refund
Depending on your integration, this is performed from your Order Management System or Affirm Merchant Dashboard
Merchant Payment, Settlement and Reconciliation Managing settlement reports
Getting Paid
Updating bank information
Dispute resolutions
Customer supportIf a consumer is experiencing issues or has a question about their Affirm application or account, you can refer them to our help page at


Follow the links below to learn more about Affirm's marketing resources:


We take marketing compliance very seriously. You must get approval from Affirm prior to launching marketing such as:

  • Press releases, email newsletters, and launch emails
  • Special promotions involving Affirm (such as 0% financing)
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest campaigns & updates
  • Any other custom marketing

The compliance must be followed when marketing Affirm in order to adhere to the Truth in Lending Act and Regulation Z. Any materials found non-compliant could result in the temporary disablement of our partnership.

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