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Learn about adding promotional messaging on your website.


Affirm financing helps merchants improve conversion and average order value. Educating customers about Affirm and adding monthly payment messaging throughout the conversion funnel will positively affect customers' purchase intent, and naturally encourages upsells and bundling.

Before you start

  • Ensure you messaging is compliant or your merchant account can be disabled. Review our Compliance & Guidelines page for full details.
  • Do not publish Affirm financing-related marketing materials without contacting us for review. This applies to copy on your website, email messages, and any other digital or physical marketing materials.
  • Do not mention monthly payment amounts without providing the APR, total amount, and term length that the payment amount is based on.

Marketing Affirm

The conversion funnel describes the customer journey all the way from discovery to purchase, and Affirm can be implemented throughout that funnel to improve conversion.

1. On-site marketing Affirm should be displayed in-context wherever a price is displayed, as well as globally across the site to advertise your partnership with Affirm.
2. Email marketing You can mitigate customers' price sensitivity by describing things in terms of monthly prices. Promoting the availability of Affirm, especially with 0% financing, can drive increased site traffic.

Email Marketing


Email Marketing

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Email Marketing


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