Configuring Affirm

Learn how to integrate Affirm into your KWI eCommerce platform.


This guide walks you through configuring Affirm at checkout in KWI.

1. Enable and Configure Affirm in KWI

1. Sign into your KWI eCommerce admin
2. Navigate to 3rd party integrations and choose Affirm


3. Enter the public_api_key and private_api_key you retrieved from your Affirm merchant dashboard
4. Set Environment to Sandbox for testing in our sandbox.
5. Enter the dollar amount value for Minimum Order Total that displays Affirm as a payment option to your customers when checking out (optional).
6. If your checkout process automatically captures the charge, set Initial Transaction Type to Authorize and Capture.
7. Under Promotional Messages, select the areas of your site where you would like Affirm promotional messaging to appear:

  • Show on Product List Page (category pages)
  • Show on Product Detail Page (product pages)
  • Show on Product Quick View
  • Show on Cart Page
    8. Set Messaging Type to the style of messaging you would displayed
    9. Set Messaging Color to the color of messaging you would like displayed
    10. Set Checkout Option to Redirect or Modal to control the Affirm checkout flow.
    11. Click Save Settings

2. Review your order management functions

Processing orders (authorize, void, refund, and partial refund) in KWI updates the order status in the Affirm dashboard. While you can process orders in the dashboard, we strongly recommend using KWI to keep order status synced with Affirm. For more information on processing orders in KWI, refer to their documentation.

3. Coordinate testing with Affirm

Before deploying the Affirm integration to your production site, Affirm will need to test it in your development or staging environment connected to our live environment. Contact your Integration Consultant or [email protected] to coordinate this test.

4. Deploy to production

Connect to the live Affirm environment


If you have not coordinated a test with your integration consultant in step 3 your API Keys will not be activated and customers cannot check out with Affirm. If you have not completed the previous step, please contact your integration consultant ASAP.

1. Retrieve your live API keys at
2. Sign in to your KWI eCommerce admin
3. Navigate to 3rd party integrations and choose Affirm
4. Set Environment to Production.
5. Click Save Settings.

Launch to production

After you've connected to our live environment and we've tested your integration, you're ready to deploy to your production environment and offer Affirm as a payment option to your customers.

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