In-Store quick reference guide

This QRG includes tips and frequently asked questions for retail sales teams working with customers using Affirm's In-Store solutions. For all other questions, see our consumer FAQs at

Top tips

If your customer has a specific question about their account, such as a declination decision:

Please advise them to contact our Customer Care team at directly. This is the primary escalation path for customer-specific questions.
If your customer encounters a technical issue, please email [email protected] with the following information to help us investigate:

Customer name
Customer email address
* Applicable screenshots
If you're unable to process an Affirm Virtual Card:

Confirm that the amount on the card is greater than the purchase total
Confirm that the 16-digit card number and the expiration date was entered correctly
If an Affirm web page isn't loading:

Confirm that the device is connected to the internet
Try reloading the page


Who do I contact for questions?

For expedited service, please direct your Affirm InStore questions to [email protected].

Where should I direct customer questions about Affirm?

The best way for your customer to contact Affirm is by visiting our help page at

Does Affirm perform a hard credit check on my customer?

No. When a customer creates an Affirm account, Affirm performs a 'soft' credit check to help verify their identity and determine their financing eligibility. A 'soft' credit check doesn't affect their credit score.

What are the application requirements?

We request first and last name, email address, mobile phone number, last 4 digits of SSN, and date of birth. We sometimes require additional information to evaluate a credit application and confirm the identity of the applicant. Additional information may include a bank checking account, proof of a government-issued ID, or income verification.

General In-Store FAQ

What happens if my customer is not approved?

You may offer professional condolences if a customer informs you that they were declined. You may suggest an alternative form of payment. Affirm will immediately notify your customer of the decision and include details via a secure message.

Can I contact Affirm to override the credit decision?

No. Credit decisions for Affirm loans are final.

Can I complete the Affirm application on behalf of my customer?

No. Completing an application on a customer's behalf violates consumer finance laws and regulations, which could result in the termination of the merchant's relationship with Affirm.

Is it possible to undo a refund?

No, it's not possible to undo a refund once it has been submitted.

Affirm Virtual Card FAQ

How do I process payment using the Affirm Virtual Card and my Point of Sale System?

Since no technical integration is required, you may process the order following standard procedure for "card not present" transactions. Enter the Affirm Virtual Card number as a "card not present" Visa transaction.

Where can I view my Affirm Virtual Card transactions?

You will receive a weekly report that includes the number of transactions by day, volume (USD) by day, and average order value.

When does my customer's Virtual Card expire?

The Virtual Card expires 24 hours after issue to maintain customer security. If a card expires, the customer may submit another loan request to obtain a new virtual card.

How do I receive payment from a Virtual Card?

You'll receive payment through your current credit card processor. The payment will be processed as a "card not present" Visa debit transaction.

When do I get paid by a Virtual Card?

Payment is settled with your current credit card processor's regular settlement schedule.

How do I process a refund for a Virtual Card?

You must process refunds to the original form of tender. Do not provide a refund in the form of cash or gift card. Ask the customer to provide you with the 16-digit card number that they used for the original transaction. The customer can find this number in the Loan Details section of their Affirm account at Process the return using the 16-digit card number as a "card not present" refund. You may process a partial refund or full refund. Refunds will be applied to the customer's Affirm loan within 3 days.

What happens when I issue a partial refund with a Virtual Card?

The amount of the refund flows through your standard credit card processor. A partial amount will be applied to the final monthly payment(s) of the customer's loan.

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