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Marketing compliance guides

Review the Marketing Compliance Guide for your pay over time financing option before implementing the following assets:


Email announcements are a great way to communicate your partnership with Affirm, bring attention to Affirm’s payment options, and even launch customers into their shopping journey with product information and “Start shopping” buttons. For each template below, review the options provided and choose the financing program that reflects your Affirm offering. Note that these templates are applicable for the Direct API integration type only.

Using the templates

We organized the content for each email template to make them quick and easy to use. Download the PDF for the applicable email template below and simply copy and paste the text into your email.


Important disclosure information

These templates include the required disclosure in the footer. In order to remain compliant with our terms, please don't alter the provided text.

Split pay templates


Lifecycle desktop template
Lifecycle desktop wireframe


Launch mobile template
Launch mobile wireframe

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