Setup & configuration

Learn how to configure Affirm so your store can offer and promote pay-over-time options.


Now that you've installed the Affirm extension, you can now configure how you want to utilize Affirm on your site. This guide walks you through setting up our various features to create the best experience for your customers.


1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments and select Affirm. This takes you to the Settings screen.


Payments was formerly called Checkout prior to WooCommerce 3.4.

2. Enable/Disable – Enable to use. Disable to turn off.
3. Enter a Title and Description shown to customers during checkout (optional).
4. Enable Affirm Sandbox if developing or testing before going live. Remember to disable when done.


Affirm Sandbox

Remember to disable when done.

5. Enter the Public API Key and Private API Key from yourAffirm account.
6. Select a Transaction Mode:

  • Authorize obtains payment authorization only
  • Authorize and Capture obtains authorization and captures funds.

7. Select a Checkout Mode:

  • Modal triggers a pop-up during checkout
  • Redirect takes the customer offsite to check out

8. Select Inline Checkout Messaging to enable Inline checkout value props on the checkout page.

9. Select a Cancel Affirm Page:

  • Cart Page – takes customer to cart
  • Payment Page – takes customer back to payment

10. Enter your Affirm Promo ID (optional) to display Affirm with different styling, messaging, or loan terms. Contact us for a Promo ID.
11. Select an Affirm Color – Blue, Black or White for the logo.

12. Select Show Learn More to display a link in Affirm monthly payment messaging (optional).
13. Promo Messaging – uncheck all boxes (recommended if you offer other preferred payment methods); check boxes if you wish to promote Affirm as a payment plan method.

  • Category
  • Product
  • Cart (see example in Customer Usage)

14. Set Order Minimum (optional) – numerical value.
15. Set Order Maximum (optional) – numerical value.
16. Select Enable Debugging messages if troubleshooting. Otherwise, leave disabled.
17. Leave Enable Enhanced Analytics unchecked.
18. Click Save changes.

How inline checkout works


Inline support

  • Inline is available for our Installment, Split pay and Hybrid financing options.
  • Affirm Lite is not supported at this time.

When a customer selects Affirm as a payment option, the view expands and renders the following information in your site:

  • Value props: Highlights some of the benefits of paying with Affirm
  • Learn more about Affirm: A learn more link that opens our educational modal.
  • Payment timelines: The timeline and amount for each payment
This image displays the Inline flow for Split pay and Installment options.This image displays the Inline flow for Split pay and Installment options.

This image displays the Inline flow for Split pay and Installment options.

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