Using the promotional messaging app


With the Affirm pay-over-time promotional messaging app, you can easily configure how Affirm’s ‘As-low-as’ messaging appears on your site without having to directly edit your theme files.


Editing your theme files

If you’re looking for additional customization options, feel free to directly edit your theme files.

1. Install the Affirm App

To install and setup the Affirm Messaging App:

1. Navigate to the Affirm page in the Shopify app store.
2. Click the Add app button to install the Affirm pay‑over‑time messaging app.
3. On the app overview page, click Install app. You can also view additional details about how the app impacts settings for your site.
4. Sign into your Affirm Dashboard with Google, or use your email and password. This redirects you to the Affirm App within Shopify.
5. Go to Shopify admin > Apps to verify the app installation. You should see the Affirm app installed.
6. Click the Enable button.

2. Configure Pay-over-time Message

To configure your pay-over-time message:


If you would like to view more information about each of these settings, please reference the tool-tip or the description within the app.

1. Select the Active checkbox.
2. Select the page type you are adding the message to.
3. Select the logo type.
4. Choose the logo color.
5. Choose the position. This determines the position of the messaging within the HTML.
6. Select your font size.
7. Add the class or ID of the Price element. When entering the Price element, you'll need to also add a "#" or "." before the element. For example:

  • The HTML class needs to have "." preceding the element.
  • The HTML ID needs to have a "#" preceding the element.

8. If the price can change on the page, add the price change element.
9. Click Save.

Add or remove messaging

You can include additional pay-over-time messaging as well as delete existing messaging.

Add new messaging

To add new messaging, click the Add New Pay-over-time Message button. This will add an additional Pay-over-time Message box. Follow the instructions in step 2 to configure the messaging.

Delete existing messaging

Click the Delete on the applicable messaging you would like to remove.

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What's Next

Congrats! You've successfully added Affirm promotional messaging to Shopify. Next, you'll want to install Affirm at checkout.

Configuring Affirm

Using the promotional messaging app

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