Updating consumer account information


Customers may occasionally need to change information related to their accounts such as their mobile number, email address or shipping address. The only information that we can’t update is the customer’s Social Security number. If this information is incorrect, they won’t be able to update their account and will not be eligible for Affirm financing.

Update a customer's account information

To update a customer's account information, please direct the customer to contact [email protected] so our Customer Care team can update their account. If their account information changes without notifying us, they won’t be able to apply for a new loan.

Shipping address change

If a customer requests a shipping address change after purchasing with Affirm, please send the request to [email protected] along with the 8-digit loan confirmation number. Our Risk team will review it and determine if it’s safe to update the shipping address for the order.

Affirm will not assume any risk or loss from orders that we don’t approve.

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Updating consumer account information

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