Prequalification reminders for Shopify


Contextual Prequalification Reminders, which we recently piloted with some of our largest merchants, are now available for limited beta in Shopify. 

The feature is the latest enhancement to our Prequalification product, enabling you to subtly 'nudge' shoppers from prequalification to checkout. These lightweight on-site reminders keep a shopper's available spending capacity top-of-mind to maximize conversion and average order value (AOV).  

What you need to know

Follow the directions below to either choose the reminder format that's best for you, or to opt-out. We will activate reminders on April 25 for merchants who don't opt-out. 

To use our upgraded AOV-optimized reminders:

Click here to choose bottom-left or bottom right; then complete the 2-minute "copy-paste" integration using the directions below.
To use our default reminders:

Click here to choose bottom-left or bottom right. Nothing else is required!
To opt out entirely:

Click here

How it works

Upgraded reminder format (drive AOV):

Standard reminder format (drive conversion):

  • Prequalified shoppers will see subtle, dismissible messages in the bottom-left/right of their browser on desktop.
  • Shoppers can dismiss the message at any time. Otherwise, the reminder will subtly persist.
  • The default format communicates the shopper's total prequalified amount, but to drive AOV, you can upgrade your reminders to emphasize the remaining prequalified amount based on their cart.


  • Drives conversion rate by keeping users' spending capacity top-of-mind (even for for users returning days later) and by ensuring shoppers know how to use their prequal ("Select Affirm at Checkout").
  • Encourages up-sells and bundling by emphasizing shoppers' remaining prequalified amount as they shop. 


To upgrade cart-integrated reminders:

1. Create a custom js file

1. Add a new custom JavaScript file to include all Affirm related code in one file in your Shopify store. This file, ex: custom-affirm.js, can then be included into your theme file.
2. Sign in to your Shopify admin page at
3. From the navigation menu on the left, go to Online Store > Themes.
4. On the menu to the right of the theme, click Actions.
5. Click Edit Code.
6. Under Asset, click on Add a new asset.
7. Click on Create a blank file.
8. Enter affirm-custom and change the format to .js

2. Add code to handle cart amount

jQuery.getJSON('/cart.js', function (cart, textStatus) {
    var carttext=cart.item_count;
    affirm.ui.ready(() => {            
        cart: {
          total: cart.total_price

1. In the same custom-affirm.js file, add the above code to display cart amount to tell customers how much is remaining of their prequal amount.
2. Click Save Search for the theme.liquid file and include the new asset file reference by adding below code right before the closing the </head> tag:

{{ 'affirm-custom.js' | asset_url | script_tag }}

3. Save the changes.

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Prequalification reminders for Shopify

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