Flat File Charge Management

You can manage your charges (Capture, Void, Refund, and Update) by sending us a batch of flat files. You might do this if your order management system can't integrate with Affirm because of a technical limitation or if you need to minimize effort when managing charges.

Flat files are .csv files exported by your order management system that you send to an Affirm hosted sFTP folder. To use flat files as a part of your charge management process:

  • Your Order Management System/ERP must be capable of scheduling a .csv export of actions taken on orders
  • You can only deliver flat files via sFTP
  • You must deliver flat files at least once a day
  • Affirm must have an escalation email or alias for reporting processing errors

The filename format is:


The first UTC timestamp (HH:mm:ss) is the time of the earliest requested action and the second UTC timestamp is the time of the most recent requested action in the file.

The column header format for each flat file is:

charge_id The Affirm Charge ID of the loan. Required
action Capture, void, refund, or update. Required
amount The loan amount, stated in USD cents (e.g., $100 = 10000). Required
data Add additional data to JSON request. Optional

Please reach out to your Client Success Manager to get setup to use flat files for charge management.

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Flat File Charge Management

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