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Affirm Merchant Help

Using Affirm

Overview of what the Affirm product does for merchants and consumers.

Creating an account

You can create an account with us by:

  • Visiting our website (
  • Downloading our app
  • Selecting the Affirm checkout option at one of our merchant partners

All that's needed to create an account:

  • U.S. cell phone number
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number

Once you have an account with us, you can sign-in with just your cell-phone number and the temporary PIN that's texted to you.

Paying for purchases

You can pay for purchases two ways:

  1. Select 'Affirm' at checkout on one of our merchant partners' sites
    • We'll generate loan terms for the order total and redirect you back to the merchant site to get your order confirmation
  2. Download our app and generate a one-time use debit card number
    • You tell us the amount you'll need to make your purchase, and we'll give you the ability to pay the merchant with a debit card number

Applying for a loan

When you apply for a loan, we'll see what information is available about you, and make a credit decision with that data.

If we feel we need more information to get an accurate profile of your credit worthiness, we may ask you for additional information about your identity or your income.


If there is a downpayment required, an authorization hold is placed on the funds upon confirming the loan. When the charge is authorized, the downpayment funds are captured.

Affirm pays the merchant within 3 business days of the charge being captured, minus the merchant fees collected.

After 30 days, the customer's first payment is due to Affirm. Affirm services the loan and collects the monthly payments.


Voiding a loan before it's captured will cancel the loan and refund any downpayment funds to the customer. After the charge is voided it cannot be reauthorized.

Refunds are processed immediately and any interest paid or merchant fees associated with the refunded amount are also refunded.

Any number of partial refunds can be issued.

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