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Affirm Merchant Help

Shopify pay-over-time messaging app

1. Install the Affirm App 

  1. Replace ecommerce with your Shopify store name in this URL:
  2. Sign into your Affirm Dashboard with Google, or use your email and password
  3. You will be redirected to the Affirm App within Shopify
  4. To verify the app installation, go to your Shopify admin > Apps. You should see Affirm app installed:

2. Enable the App 


3. Configure Pay-over-time Message

*If you would like to view more information about each of these settings, please reference the tool-tip or the description within the app

  1. Check the 'Active' box
  2. Select the page type you are adding the message to
  3. Select the logo type
  4. Choose the logo color
  5. Choose the position within the HTML
  6. Select your font size
  7. Add the class or ID of the price element
  8. If the price can change on the page, add the price change element

4. Save the configuration



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