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TLS v1 and v1.1 to be deprecated



Notice type

Feature deprecation

Products affected

Affirm API

Action required


Change effective date


What’s being deprecated?

We are reducing the card expiration time for Affirm InStore Virtual Cards from 21 days to 3 days. This will greatly increase the customer-perceived responsiveness of charge actions. This means that a refund you push to the customer’s Affirm virtual card, will now show up in 3 days in their user portal instead of 21 days.


Card expiration time affects the following timelines for Affirm InStore Virtual Card transactions:


  • Time between a full or partial refund to the Virtual Card and that adjustment being reflected in customer’s Affirm loan portal.

  • Time between a partial void of authorized funds on the Virtual Card, and that adjustment being reflected in customer’s Affirm loan portal

  • Time between a Virtual Card being authorized, and the expiration of that authorization (card is cancelled once expiring).

What’s required of me?

There is no action required on your side. This change will automatically take effect and is controlled by the Affirm platform. Only virtual cards created after the effective date (2018-03-26) will have the shorter expiration time.


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