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Affirm Merchant Help

Virtual Terminal Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures below provide sales teams with clear guidelines to follow when working with customers while offering Affirm. 

Do Do Not

✅  Set the expectation that Affirm will notify the customer whether they will be approved or declined.

✅  Offer professional condolences if they don't get approved by Affirm  and offer an alternative form of payment.

✅  Recommend Affirm AutoPay during the application process. 

✅  Have customers contact Affirm customer support ( for any account questions. 

⛔  Do not set the expectation that your customer will be unconditionally approved. 

⛔  Do not send an application to yourself or complete the Affirm application on behalf of the customer.

⛔  Do not discriminate when offering Affirm as a payment option. Offer Affirm as a payment option to consumers in a consistent manner.

⛔  Do not attempt to prequalify applicants by asking questions about their personal credit or banking history before the application process.
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