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Virtual Terminal - Bank Account Verification Script

Affirm will sometimes require customers to connect an active checking account as part of their credit application. The script below is designed to provide more detail about this step in the application flow and help you build trust with your customers about the Affirm payment option.

Bank Account Verification

Scripted Response


1. Provide overview



“Affirm requires your checking account information to consider your request for credit.”


“Affirm will prompt you for your bank name, username, and password to connect your checking account.”

2. Build trust


“Using modern technologies, Affirm will securely connect your checking account.”


“Affirm will be granted read-only access to your bank account information. Affirm will NOT be able to withdraw funds or make any changes to your bank account.”

3. How it works


“Affirm looks at the name on the checking account, recent transactions, and balances.”


“This information will help Affirm evaluate your ability to repay the requested credit.”

4. Opt-out Option


“If you do not connect your account when prompted, Affirm cannot fully evaluate your application and your request for credit will be declined.”



“If you have any other concerns or questions you may contact the Affirm Customer Support at”

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