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Affirm Merchant Help

Process charges

After authorizing a charge, you’ll manage the order through different charge states using our API or your e-commerce platform or order management system. Click here for more information about all the charge states. Some platforms and order management systems may not support all charge actions so check their documentation.

If your platform is not listed above, you’ll need to check the platform documentation from the vendor.

Best practices

Do clearly state your return policy on your website.

Do capture orders immediately after fulfillment and before authorization expiration.

Do not place an order or enter a customer’s personal information on behalf of the customer.

Do not issue store credit on refunds for Affirm orders.

Do not fulfill an order unless the charge is authorized.

Do not change the shipping address after authorizing the charge. If a customer requests a change to their shipping address after placing the order, then send an email to with details of the transactions and wait for a decision before fulfillment.

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