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How to Schedule Settlement Reports

Scheduling settlement reports and timing around report delivery

You can schedule a settlement report for yourself or your teammates by logging into your Affirm Merchant Dashboard. If you don't have access to this dashboard, click here to learn how to request access. 

Timing of Scheduled Reports: 

  • Daily reports are sent Monday - Friday @ 6:30pm PST
    •  The daily report will contain the data for the previous day. (e.g. Tuesday 6:30pm report contains Monday's charges)
    •  The Monday report will contain FridaySaturdaySunday settlements (because CRB is closed on the weekend and so no settlements happen on Saturday or Sunday)
    •  The merchant will get simultaneous separate settlements for FridaySaturday and Sunday that will match with the settled amount in summary report for each day.
  •  Weekly reports are sent on Monday @ 6:30pm PST
    •  The weekly report will contain data for Monday -> Sunday of the previous week
  •  Monthly reports are sent on the first day of the month @ 6:30pm PST
    • The monthly report will contain data for the whole previous month.
  • Please keep in mind 6:30pm PST is when the job kicks off - if there is a large number of reports to be run, it could be delayed in delivery. 

Once you are in the dashboard, navigate to the left panel and click either "Settlements" and then "Set Up Email Reports". Here you can schedule a report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and assign contacts to receive this report. 

For more information on how to reconcile the amount deposited into your account with your individual transactions, click here