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How to Process Affirm Transactions in Shopify

Follow these instructions below to process Affirm transactions in Shopify or in Affirm Merchant dashboard.  Edit section

Note: When a customer completes checkout with Affirm as the payment method, Affirm authorizes a charge for the amount of the order. The charge appears in a pending state on the customer’s Affirm account. Authorized transactions expire if they are not captured before the capture deadline. The default capture deadline is specified in your partnership agreement with Affirm. If you did not specify your authorization-period requirements because of inventory, pre-orders, or shipping time in your onboarding form, please email for help with completing this process.


  • Capture - This action charges the authorized amount to the user’s Affirm account.
    • Triggers the customer’s billing cycle for the customer
    • Triggers the funds to be transferred from Affirm to the merchant
    • Best Practice: Capture at Shipment
    • Auto-Capture: If your Shopify payment settings for "Payment Authorization" is set to "Automatically capture payment for orders", Affirm will capture the transaction the moment it is authorized. Shopify will capture the order and order will be marked as “Paid” in the Shopify dashboard.
  • Void - This action cancels the authorization for the charge before it has been captured. 
    • Note: This action cannot be reversed
  • Refund - This action reverses a captured charge and refunds the amount to the user’s Affirm account.
    • Note: This action cannot be reversed
  • Partial Refund - This action reverses part of the captured charge and refunds the specified amount to the user's Affirm account.
    • Note: This action cannot be reversed
    • Payments are refunded on whatever instrument that the customer used for payment
    • Refunds may only be processed within 120 days of captured charge


Affirm dashboard 

The main screen of your Merchant Dashboard lists recent transactions and allows you to search and filter results. You can see the date the charge was confirmed, the Affirm confirmation code, customer name, charge status, and total charge amount.

  1. Sign in to the Affirm dashboard.
  2. To view information about each charge, click View Details.