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Promotional Banners API (Legacy)

The Promotional Banner API is deprecated and should not be used moving forward.

We've created a set of promotional banners (images below) that will easily integrate with your website. If you are looking for promotional banners, see this page. If you are looking for the monthly payment messaging, see this page


1) Include the affirm.js snippet below on the page you want to display promos

  var _affirm_config = {
    public_api_key:  "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
    script:          ""
  (function(l,g,m,e,a,f,b){var d,c=l[m]||{},h=document.createElement(f),n=document.getElementsByTagName(f)[0],k=function(a,b,c){return function(){a[b]._.push([c,arguments])}};c[e]=k(c,e,"set");d=c[e];c[a]={};c[a]._=[];d._=[];c[a][b]=k(c,a,b);a=0;for(b="set add save post open empty reset on off trigger ready setProduct".split(" ");a<b.length;a++)d[b[a]]=k(c,e,b[a]);a=0;for(b=["get","token","url","items"];a<b.length;a++)d[b[a]]=function(){};h.async=!0;h.src=g[f];n.parentNode.insertBefore(h,n);delete g[f];d(g);l[m]=c})(window,_affirm_config,"affirm","checkout","ui","script","ready");


2) Include a banner using the HTML snippet with the default promo key and a chosen size below.

<div class="affirm-promo" data-promo-key="W6WU7UK82RS34HDH" data-promo-size="468x60"></div>


3) Banner Sizes can be adjusted - here they are below: 

Small Horizontal

120 x 90
 Affirm Banner
150 x 100
Affirm Banner
170 x 100
Affirm Banner
190 x 100
Affirm Banner
234 x 60
Affirm Banner
300 x 50
Affirm Banner
468 x 60
Affirm Banner
300 x 250
Affirm Banner
336 x 280
540 x 200
Affirm Banner
728 x 90
Affirm Banner
800 x 66
Affirm Banner
250 x 250
Affirm Banner
280 x 280
Affirm Banner

Small Vertical

120 x 240
Affirm Banner

Large Vertical

120 x 600
Affirm Banner
234 x 400
Affirm Banner