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Affirm Merchant Help

Marketing compliance and guidelines


Affirm is a consumer lender, and is subject to all applicable marketing and lending regulations. Affirm takes compliance very seriously. As a provider of Affirm's lending services, your marketing and terms must comply with these regulations, which include the Truth in Lending Act, Equal Credit Opportunity, and the CAN-SPAM Act. Click here for more information about these regulations and how they relate to offering Affirm to customers.

To ensure compliance and quality, send all marketing materials including site banners, messaging, landing pages and email communications to the Client Success Team for review before deploying live on your site. Please allow 5 to 10 business days for this approval process.

Please review our list of prohibited businesses that are not eligible to use Affirm.

Marketing guidelines

Following our merchant marketing guide will ensure that your messaging and communications are compliant and maintain the quality of the Affirm brand. The guide includes:

  • Branding specifications (logo size, color)
  • Homepage messaging guidelines (layout and approved messaging)
  • Product, category, cart, and payment page messaging guidelines
  • Educational modals overview (referred to as Learn More modals in the guidelines document)
  • Email marketing guidelines (layout and approved messaging)
  • Social media marketing guidelines

All of your Affirm related marketing content must be available to all of your customers. If you have any questions, please contact the Client Success Team.

Marketing Disclosure

Some of your messaging may require adding disclosure information. This primer describes when that disclosure is needed, where it should go, and what it should say.

Marketing assets

Click here for Affirm logos, buttons, and banners to use for branding and marketing purposes. We recommend using Affirm-hosted assets whenever possible to take advantage of our CDN's performance and to make sure that the images used are always up-to-date.

Please keep the following in mind when using our assets and brand:

  • Do not appropriate Affirm content or imagery, such as in advertisements or promotion, without consent
  • Do not mask or alter Affirm’s brand by ‘white-labeling’ our service as an in-house financing program or by changing Affirm materials with different content, color, and design
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