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Affirm Merchant Help

Getting Started with Affirm on Shopify


This is an overview of key points for getting started with Affirm. The sections below are intended for your either your Development, Operations or Marketing Teams. The FAQs below contain general information for broader audiences. 


Audience: Anybody interacting with Affirm

Integrate Affirm

Audience: Merchant Technical Team

  • Merchant Dashboard (API keys are located in the Production Merchant Dashboard)
  • API Keys & Logs are located in your Affirm Merchant Dashboard. If you receive “Access Denied” on the links above, reach out to Merchant Help
  • Technical Documentation
  • Tests & Knowledge Required Prior to Go-Live
    • Successful authorization & void of transaction
    • Successful capture & refund of transaction
    • If doing auto-capture, successful auto-capture
    • Familiarity with Settlement Process
    • End-to-end checkout        

Merchant Daily Operations

Audience: Merchant Operations, Sales and Customer Support

Marketing & Compliance

Audience: Marketing & Legal Teams

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