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Affirm Merchant Help

Getting Started with Affirm


This article is meant to give you and your team an overview of key points for getting started with Affirm. There are 3 main sections - each section is more relevant to either your Development, Operations or Marketing Team. Affirm Basics is meant to be general knowledge for anybody interacting with Affirm. 

Affirm Basics

Target Audience: Anybody interacting with Affirm

Integrate Affirm

Target Audience: Merchant Technical Team

Merchant Daily Operations

Target Audience: Merchant Operations, Sales and Customer Support

  • Affirm Merchant Dashboard
  • Dashboard allows you to process transactions, view, and schedule settlement detail
    • Transactional Processing
    • Capturing
    • Refund / Partial Refund
    • Depending on your integration, this is performed from your Order Management System or Affirm Merchant Dashboard
  • Important: You cannot issue store credit for Affirm transactions.  
  • Merchant Payment, Settlement and Reconciliation
  • Marketing Compliance: We take marketing compliance very seriously and custom marketing requires approval before it can go-live. Please see “Marketing & Compliance” section for more information.
  • Getting Help as a Merchant: Merchant Help
  • Getting Help for your Customer
    • email
    • Phone support only offered to those with an active Affirm loan, they can login to their Affirm account and phone number will be on the top right

Marketing & Compliance

Target Audience: Marketing & Legal Teams


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