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Identity Verification

When a customer is prompted for identity verification, they must input their own information and make sure that the information is consistent to avoid setting off fraud alerts.

Affirm sometimes needs more information to verify a customer's identity, even if all the information they enter is indeed their own. This step may be combined with one or more of the other additional checkout prompts (i.e. checking account, down payment).

Step 1: Input information

To avoid difficulty checking out, please ensure that the information belongs to the same customer.

Create Account@1x.png

Step 2: Input PIN

Affirm texts a PIN to the mobile number that the customer provided.

Enter Pin@1x.png

Step 3: Input information to verify identity

Affirm Identity Verification

Step 4: Choose terms

Approved (Expanded)@1x.png

Step 5: Enable autopay (optional)

A customer may enable autopay as soon as they choose their terms to streamline payment. 

Step 6: Rerouting to merchant

The customer is redirected back to the merchant's site where they see a confirmation number verifying their transaction. The customer concurrently receives an email confirmation and SMS text message from Affirm.

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