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Affirm Merchant Help


A customer applying for Affirm financing may be prompted for a down payment with a debit card. If Affirm can’t approve the full amount, it provides a debit-card down-payment option to enable a customer to complete their purchase right away.

Sometimes this step is combined with one or more of the other additional checkout prompts (i.e. checking account, identity verification).

Step 1: Input information

To avoid difficulty checking out, all the information input must be consistent and belong to the same customer.

Create Account@1x.png

Step 2: Input PIN

Affirm texts a PIN to the customer's mobile phone number.

Enter Pin@1x.png

Step 3: Choose terms and provide down payment

A customer may provide a payment using a debit card or ACH bank transfer.

Step 4: Enable autopay (optional)

A customer may enable autopay as soon as they choose their terms. 

Step 5: Rerouting to merchant

The customer is redirected to the merchant's site where they see a confirmation number verifying their transaction. The customer concurrently receives an email confirmation and SMS text message from Affirm.

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