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Affirm Merchant Help

5. In-store Customer Experience

1. Your customer enters your unique link, where they will be prompted to enter the requested card amount. 


2. Your customer will input their first and last name, email address, mobile phone number, birth date, and last 4 digits of SSN.  
NOTE: NEVER complete the Affirm application on behalf of the customer. Doing this could result in termination of your relationship with Affirm.

3. Your customer will be sent a security PIN to their mobile phone number. They will use this PIN to sign in to their Affirm account.

4. Affirm will process the application and render a real-time credit decision.

5. If the customer is approved, they will be presented with the approved loan amount and available monthly payment options and other key loan terms (e.g., APR and amount of any required down payment). 

Bank Account Verification
Affirm sometimes requires additional information to evaluate a credit application and/or confirm the identity of an applicant. Additional information may include a bank checking account, government-issued ID, or income verification. 

  • In the case of a bank account verification request, Affirm will prompt the customer for a bank name, username, and password. Affirm will securely connect your customer's checking account to verify their identity and assess their ability to repay the requested loan. 
  • If Affirm requests this information and a customer cannot provide it, Affirm will be unable to approve that loan request.

Declination notice

  • If the customer is not approved, Affirm will immediately notify them of the decision in the checkout flow and via a secure message.
  • Affirm is designed to protect consumer information. Merchants will not be notified of the details of a customer’s credit decision.
  • Please have your customer refer to the secure message that they received from Affirm for more information about the decision.
  • If the customer was not approved, they may still provide an alternative form of payment. 

Down payment
In some cases, Affirm will require a down payment to complete a customer’s purchase. When this happens, Affirm will provide the customer with the option to make a down payment with their debit card in the checkout flow. The remaining balance may be financed with Affirm. Once the loan is confirmed, the customer may use their Virtual Card for the full purchase amount, the merchant is not required to collect any additional funds from the customer.


Automatic payments
On the final screen of the Affirm checkout, your customer will see the option to enable AutoPay. This optional feature will allow customers to automatically submit monthly loan payments to Affirm without needing to visit Affirm each month. They can choose to set this up during checkout or at any time when they log in to their Affirm account at

6. Before clicking the ‘Confirm Loan’ button, your customer must confirm that they’ve reviewed and agree to the Truth in Lending Disclosure and Loan Agreement, and have reviewed their Credit Score Disclosure, and your refund policy.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 2.19.42 PM.png

7. Finally, your customer will be presented with a one-time use virtual card which they can use to make their purchase in-store.